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Toby Goodshank's Video for "Internet" is Weird in All the Right Ways

What happens online, never stays online.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
May 1 2014, 3:37pm

Toby Goodshank - "The Internet" directed by Nathan Smithe.

Meet Toby Goodshank. Perhaps you don't think you know this guy, but I bet you do. Did you ever see The Moldy Peaches back in the day? Well he used to play with them. Are you a fan of latterday Adam Green? Yep Goodshank plays with Green still. In fact he's also the co-founder of 3MB art collective which he started with Green and Macaulay Culkin. This brings us nicely to The Pizza Underground, the pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band, of which Culkin is a member. (You may remember we got up close and personal behind the scenes at TPU's first video shoot. Watch and read here.)

Toby is a Pizza Underground auxillary member, joing them onstage as—wait for it—Kurt Cobain'd, who is the frontman of Nevermound. Er, what? This basically means he jumps up and performs a Nirvana medley sung in the past tense, because, why not? (Additionally as David Towbie, Bowie's alter-ego, he sings back up in TPU.)

Phewf! But let's take a moment to focus on his new song and video for "Internet." It's synthy and strange with some lovely warm harmonies, and it features multiple mustachioed Tobys playing multiple instruments (is that an electric toy sax?) in cotton candy clouds. From there it descends into a series of scenes of people on ancient laptops, dancing on beds, and rolling around on dollar bills. And then—how's this for weird—a bunch of girls start talking to each other on landlines like it's '89. THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN ANYMORE.

It's up to you to see what happens next, but "Internet" does make me feel simultaneously a little bit sexy and like I want to step away from my computer and interact with people IRL. It's the lead single from Goodshank's upcoming twentieth album (take that Rihanna!) Piper Laurie, an eight-song cycle examining his awkward re-entry into American life after living abroad in Berlin. This dude is giving us gold.

Toby Goodshank will appear with a full band at Radio Bushwick on 5/8 to celebrate the premiere of this very video! Sweet.

Kim hates and loves the internet in equal amounts. She's obviously on Twitter - @theKTB.


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