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Premiere: Hear "Sad News" The Posthumous Song From Bad News Brown

Hear a new track from the Montreal hip-hop harmonica player known as Bad News Brown.

by Noisey Canada Staff
Mar 20 2014, 5:50pm

Bad News Brown became one of Canada’s most innovative underground hip-hop artists with his humble beginnings as a busker in the Montreal metro. Busking started as Brown’s only solution for paying the bills and supporting himself. As he seized this opportunity, he combined his passion of hip-hop to his style, and it was this commitment to living that eventually led him to buying a studio and becoming known. Sadly, BNB was violently and mysteriously murdered three years ago at the age of 33, leaving behind his incomparable sound, his deeply embedded music community, and his son Izaiah.

Bad News Brown’s name still reigns as an iconic musician with the new release of the track “Sad News” that pays tribute to his legendary sound. The single features members from his fellow hip-hop community, Magnum and J. Stalin, and Kali Pop, and Mistah Fab. Bad News Brown is the creator his own genre of ‘harmonica hip hop’, a style that started as the means of his livelihood and his style is a mix of Little Walter’s 50s blues with hip-hop chill step.

“Sad News” embodies Bad News Brown’s harmonica in the ardent and layered complexities in the harmony carried by heavy syncopated beats. The community of friends and artists deliver punchy verses in his memory and as one of the “fallen soldiers in the sky.” Brown will always carry respect through his innate connection with his musicality, and influential rare style that resonates in the trills of his harmonica.

Song via G Slaps

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