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Kitty's New Song "Second Life" Is The First Tease of Her Upcoming Album, And It's Beautiful

The first song off of "flowerviolence" has us wanting more.

by Lauren Nostro
Nov 8 2013, 6:01pm

Kitty is in the process of working on her upcoming album, flowerviolence, and she's "tired of waiting for other people to decide what happens to my music." So, she's released "Second Life," the first song off the project, and her vocals over the glittery drum and bass is beautiful.

Besides the heavenly sounds, it's also really important to her, which she wrote about on her blog today, because she says the song was theraputic for her to make—when you hear it, you'll understand partly why.

She wrote:

"music is a thing i do because it’s fun and i like it. i had always told myself that once it stops being fun, i’ll stop doing it and move on to stuff that makes me happy. making this song (along with my entire album, which is almost finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) was really therapeutic and fun for me. i know it’s not what i usually do, and all of my new music isnt gonna sound like this, but i think it came out the way i wanted it."

You can be in Kitty's next video, too. It's on Monday, and in New York City. More details here. It'll be fun! "It's glitter season, bitch."