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Free Shit! Download Normaling's Remix of "Give It to Me" by Astrolith ft. Cakes da Killa

Tt the Artist's up in here too. Download it, blow off work, and go get wet.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Aug 21 2014, 3:15pm

I gotta say, right now I'm 100% disinterested in working. I do not want to be at my desk, I do not want to be wearing a leather jacket in summer because the air-con is up so high I'm freezing my tits off. Ideally I'd like to be at a very sweaty club, in front of an industrial strength fan, pretending I'm Beyoncé and dancing like my next fried chicken sandwich depended on it. YUM.

This is what I did last Friday when I went to the Boiler Room and they had a Baltimore special where Tt The Artist and Mighty Mark made a special appearence. But that moment has passed, so I'll get over it already and focus on this sick Normaling remix of Astrolith's latest track.

Here's the family tree:
1. Normaling are .rar Kelly and DJ Lemz, a couple of music nerds who are set to drop their debut EP, Corpus Callosum, via Space Is the Place imprint, on 8/26. It features fellow Bmore cool kids, Rye Rye, Tt The Artist, and DDm (You can see a little bit more of .rar Kelly, Rye Rye, and Tt in our recent episode of Made In America - Made In Baltimore.)

2. Astrolith is a Brooklyn producer who teamed up with fanstastically outré NJ rapper Cakes da Killa. Listen the original cut and watch the slick monochrome video below.

3. For this remix Normaling looped Tt for extra bite. (Read our extended interview with her and producer Mighty Mark here.)

What did the trio add to this already rad tune? Well they sped that shit up and threw down an old school beat while Tt gets gritty over the track's tailend. Dirty, sweaty, so very fine. Download it for free, blow off work, and go get wet.

Kim likes to dance badly. She's on Twitter - @theKTB


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