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Spazz and Thrash With Mutoid Man's New Carbomb of a Track "Reptilian Soul"

Burn this city tonight with members of Converge, Cave in, and All Pigs Must Die.
May 18, 2015, 2:14pm

Picture courtesy of Mitchell Wojcik

It's hard sometimes to listen to music and not go out and commit some kind of act of vandalism. You hear some sick riffs, and you want to just throw a brick through the window of your dad's Volvo. It's a pretty natural reaction; when something kicks super hard and you can feel the rhythm and punch of a song, you want to become that song. Which is why Mutoid Man's "Reptilian Soul" will unconsciously make you want to build some kind of small explosive while listening to it.

Mutoid Man is a spazzy yet technical supergroup featuring members of Converge, Cave In, and All Pigs Must Die. We've been down with the band since the beginning in doing one of their first ever interviews, so we're stoked to show you this new track off the album. Their new track "Reptillian Soul," off their forthcoming record Bleeder is a nearly three minute crusher that blurs the lines between hardcore and rock. Usually when we think of "progressive rock," its 20 minute songs that are different perspectives of the half-elven experience during Lord of the Rings. But Mutoid Man take progressive to be something that really pushes the limits of their genre. From Stephen Brodsy's falsettos and incredible range to Ben Koller's insanely complex drum fills that he completes with a flick of the wrist. "Reptilian Soul" shows the band evolving from a showcase of the individual members raw abilities into a rock song that's as complex as however closely you want to listen to it.

Stream the track below, and pre-order Bleeder before it drops June 30 right here. Check out their tour dates with The Dillinger Escape Plan as well:

June 16 Washington, DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel *

June 17 Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer *

June 18 Boston, MA @ Royale *

June 20 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza *

August 8/9 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade ^

August 15 - Richmond, VA @ Gwar-b-q

* w/ Dillinger Escape Plan

^ Wrecking Ball 2015

John Hill is a writer and amateur arsonist living in New York. Follow him on Twitter - @JohnxHill