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Listen to Head Wound City's Ripping Cover of Ministry's "Just One Fix"

The only Record Store Day release you need.

by John Hill
Apr 16 2016, 4:24pm

Some covers make perfect sense, just the two artists' names coming together fitting like musical puzzle pieces of awesome. Take for example the ultra-punk, ultra-supergroup Head Wound City taking a stab at Ministry's classic industrial thrasher "Just One Fix." As part of Record Store Day, Head Wound City decided to spice things up a bit by releasing a cassette of their cover, and the grimey, lofi feel of cassette is the perfect medium for this cover. The band perfectly transfers all the heavy intricacies of the original, blending in their own punky, hardcore roots to the overall feel to the song. It's a nice diversion for the band before they unleash their long awaited A New Wave of Violence next month, May 13.