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Do You Want Some Making Fuck?

Stream the new album from this weird, wonderful SLC doom trio.

by Kim Kelly
Mar 1 2016, 6:11pm

Photo by Jessica Bundy

Yes, Making Fuck got their name from that immortal Clerks scene, but the brainchild of Salt Lake City guitarist Kory Quist is no joke. The band dabbles in sludgy doom, noise rock, and experimental weirdness, a trio of influences that coalesces into a battery of ominous, weighty tones. Cellist Jessica Bundy glides through the murk like a will-o'-the-wisp, her strings plaintive and eerie in turn (especially on the gorgeous epic "Memento Mori"), as Quist coaxes tense, complex riffs from his own, and Anson Bishoff's drums provide a steady anchor. It's quite strange, and weirdly appealing—if you give them the chance to prove their mettle, Making Fuck is sure to suck you in.

If YOB, Subrosa, and the ghost of early Helmet got together and started to jam in the middle of the desert, the result wouldn't be too far from what Making Fuck is reaching for on their full-length debut, A Harrowing End. Pop culture obviously looms large here—from the band's own name to the fiery SLC Punk quote that pops up on the searing track "Mormon Guilt"—but the greater theme is of protest. Making Fuck rails against the Mormon religion and the chokehold it maintains over the cultural identity of the members' adopted hometown (see "Jesus Christ Inc" for another dose).

A Harrowing End is out March 11 via Gypsy Blood Records and Exigent Records, with preorders live now. Stream it in its entirety below, and keep your eyes peeled—Making Fuck is planning to hit the road hard in 2016, and I've got a feeling you're not going to want to miss the chance to see them bring this album to life.

Making Fuck 2016 tour dates:

March 11th Salt Lake City, Ut @ Diablocial Records Record Release show
March 12th Denver, Co 7th Circel Music Collective
March 13th Vernal, Ut Horseshoe Tattoo Co
March 15th Boise, Id The Shredder
March 17th Eugene, Or Wandering Goat
March 18th Seattle, Wa Darrell's Tavern
March 19th Portland, Or Panic Room