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Watch Eliot Sumner's Video for "After Dark"

A glowering, cool kind of pop from Ms. Sumner and what happens when one drink leads to another and another.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Jun 30 2015, 2:00pm

I Blame Coco is over. Last summer Sumner emerged with a new EP, as a solo artist under her own, infinitely cooler moniker: her birth name, Eliot Sumner (and yes she is the daughter of Sting). There's still a synthy 80s bent to her tunes, as exemplified by recent song "Dead Arms & Legs," and particularly "After Dark"—the video for which is premiering below—but there's a newly minted swagger to her pop. As per the 24-year-old's music, the visuals are sleek and, in an era when everyone's trying to peak their head above the parapet and wrest your attention away from the next sparkly pop proposition—this promo is relatively simple. Turns out for Sumner, that was very much part of the appeal.

“Video treatments can often get very complicated and overthought," Sumner explains. "When I saw the treatment from Flat E who shot 'After Dark' I didn’t even have to read it. The idea seemed so simplistic, true to the music and exactly how I envisioned it to be.

"'After Dark is a song about reaching the point of no return in an evening," she says. "I am an extremist, so it’s very difficult for me to do things in moderation. The song isn’t about any event in particular, I just know myself after I have one drink and the lyrics to ‘After Dark’ is often how it pans out.”

Feeling that.

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Sumner will be releasing two more tunes and two more videos this summer. Keep your ears perked for a full length.

"After Dark" is out now.

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