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PREMIERE: Watch The Zephyr Bones' Excellent Video for "Weird Summer"

Don't you wish you could make time run backwards? This Barcelona surf-pop band know what's up.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Oct 16 2015, 3:24pm

"I can't believe summer is over," run the subtitles. "I mean seriously what did we even do?" Man, we are feeling that. What did we do? And why is summer over? Accordingly, this video for "Weird Summer" by Barcelona-based band The Zephyr Bones runs backwards so we can all drift off on a reverbed surf-pop psych wave and remember days spent bouncing on beds, rollerskating, running, riding rollercoasters, making out, and fucking. It's also a great reminder to eat some fruit. Nice one, director Lessa Millet.

Musically this tune is extremely lo-fi and we have no clue what these three Chileans and a Catalan are even saying, but the hazy pop vibes are like a hit of seratonin. One to revisit when the winter's icing your very bones.

Their debut album Wishes / Fishes was released via La Castanya this past summer.

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