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PREMIERE: Scramble Through Detroit Rapper Mike Melinoe's "Addict Venture"

The rapper, who appeared in NOISEY Detroit, shares a new video off his upcoming EP, 'Caveman.'

by Maximilian de la Garza
Apr 22 2016, 5:11pm

Photo by Ci Mula, courtesy of Mark Melinoe

Mike Melinoe has never been afraid of being too close to the fire: Just this past October while filming for NOISEY Detroit, he rapped his song "Phase Face Moonlight" while fellow rappers shot flamethrowers behind his back in front of an old tire shop.

Now Melinoe is spitting that fire harder and more honest than ever on his newest cut "Addict Venture." The video, directed by 17-year-old filmmaker Ciara Boniface follows Melinoe along as he relives the psychedelic haze of his days as a youth in Detroit abusing drugs and "jumping on couches."

"I was on Xans and syrup back then, but I just couldn't wait to be sober," he told me over the phone from his new home in Austin, Texas.

Still via YouTube

The song weaves in and out of Robitussin beats with Melinoe's brash voice finding revelation in retelling those stories that, while once were frightening, have now helped him find a new inner peace. The road to recovery it turns out is paved with flames. "Hey Michael Jackson kept moving," Melinoe said, "ya get burnt, ya get burnt."

"Addict Venture" will be on Mike Melinoe's EP Caveman, due this summer.

Maximilian de la Garza is a writer based in Detroit. Follow him on Twitter.