Dream of Liquefied Corpses While You Blast This Doomy New Split From Funerary and Ooze

These two put the "death" in death/doom and the "sludge" in, well...sludge.

Aug 11 2015, 5:55pm

Photo courtesy of Midnite Collective

Before I came up with the pithy, sparkling slice of titular wit you see splayed out above, my placeholder for this post was simply "funerary ooze," for reasons that should be fairly obvious. When taken at face value, those two words call up thoughts of rot, decay, and the rancid sluice of former organs that fill even the costliest of coffins after a good few weeks. When corpses break down, they liquidize; it's a lot less a matter of worms playing pinochle on your snout than your internet organs turning into death juice and seeping out of your slack skin.

Put simply, funerary ooze sounds like a gross byproduct of what happens after we abscond from this mortal coil and leave our flesh suits behind in pursuit of life's greatest mystery—something messy, and vile, and slightly inhuman. It fits this split work from Arizona's Funerary and the Italians in Ooze like a graverobber's glove.

Morbid visions aside, this is a monster of a release. I've sung the praises of Funerary's lightless death/doom on here before, and their side of the split is the stronger of the two by a considerable margin, but lo-fi, sludgy newcomers Ooze bring their A game as well. They complement one another's sounds, and it makes perfect sense that the two bands will be hitting the road together later this month for a string of shows with the likes of Fórn and Lycus.

This split makes for an excellent introduction to both, and I'm delighted to be streaming it in its entirety below—the album is out now on Midnite Collective, so feel free to snag it on vinyl here.

Catch Funerary and Ooze on tour:

8/15 Los Angeles, CA at Perez Tire*
8/16 Salt Lake City, UT at Kilby Court w/ INVDRS
8/17 Denver, CO at Flux Capacitor
8/19 Chicago, IL at The Burlington
8/20 Pittsburgh, PA at Gooski's
8/21 Boston, MA at O’Brien’s Pub+
8/22 Brooklyn, NY at The Acheron+
8/23 Philadelphia, PA at Kung Fu Necktie+
8/24 Baltimore, MD at Sidebar+
8/25 Richmond, VA at Strange Matter*
8/26 Nashville, TN at The East Room* w/ Loss
8/27 New Orleans, LA at Sisters In Christ
8/28 Austin, TX at Beerland^

*w/ Lycus
+w/ Lycus & Fórn

^ Funerary only

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