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Drake Just Dropped a Savage Meek Mill Diss (And Two Other New Songs) on OVO Sound Radio!

The Toronto king gets "Charged Up" and lets off warning shots.

by Craig Jenkins
Jul 25 2015, 11:07pm

Drake and Meek in better days

Earlier this week Meek Mill accused Drake of using ghostwriters after the Philly rapper allegedly discovered OVO associate Quentin Miller wrote the guest verse on Dreams Worth More Than Money's "R.I.C.O." Drake stayed mysteriously quiet the rest of the week, popping up at a soccer game but otherwise leaving Miller and OVO house producer Noah "40" Shebib to do the heavy lifting. Turns out he had something planned.

OVO Sound Radio played out tonight without incident until the second hour started, and Drake started rapping. The song never mentions Meek Mill by name but gets off enough obvious subliminals that you know it couldn't be for anyone else. Stream "Charged Up" and two other new cuts (second song called "Hotline Bling" and another one possibly called "Right Hand") below. Let's talk about those subs, though!

"I did some charity today for the kids, but I'm used to it cause all y'all charity cases / All y'all stare in my face and hope you can be the replacement"

"Done doing favors for people/ Cause it ain't like I need the money I get off of features"

"No woman ever had me starstruck / Or was ever able to tell me to get my bars up"

"Cops are killin people with their arms up/ And your main focus is trying to harm us?"

Update 7/27: Drake just released full versions of the songs on the October's Very Own blog, and they are indeed called "Charged Up," Hotline Bling," and "Right Hand":

Craig might just get hit with the R.I.C.O. - @CraigSJ