Check Out Cloakroom's Beautifully Desolate Video For "Starchild Skull"

Fall into all sorts of dark places with this brand new video premiere.

by John Hill
Jan 23 2015, 7:20pm

Photo courtesy of Cloakroom

There's a lot of factors that need to be considered when going on a big roadtrip, not even counting the obvious ones like what kind of beverages you should bring with you. No matter what the destination, whether consciously or unconsciously a trip's purpose should pretty much boil down to "am I going to be bored as shit on this trip?" The same could be said for finding a cool new band to listen to and stick with for time to come. Cloakroom is a trio from Indiana that blend together hazy shoegaze with post-hardcore, creating a mix of styles that hits that perfect spectrum of what "heavy" music can mean.

Their new video for "Starchild Skull" is indicative of what else can be found on their new album Further Out; music that can call to mind influences from bands like Earth to Hum. In the video, we find the band explore what that sonic experimentation might look like in physical format. The group travels from boundless, sun-drenched fields to established farm homes, even right down to the bottom of a giant well at one point. After being contacted by "The Temple of the Starchild," the band set out to collect different types of energy from recording visual and audio components from totally unfamiliar surroundings. Visually and musically the video is completely gorgeous, each color pallatte found in differend landscapes equating to different parts of the band that are evoked in this song. It all adds up to a total trip, in more ways than one.

Check out the exclusive premiere below, and pick up Further Out which is now in stores.