Reflect on the Futile Idiocy of Hardcore with a New Song from NEEDS

“What am I doing? I’m 36 years old in a hardcore band."

Feb 2 2015, 6:50pm

Hardcore that takes itself seriously is the absolute worst. You’ve got a bunch of full grown men screaming the lyrics they’ve written at a fourth grade level about “serious” issues while a pit full of troglodytes runs in circles, punching one another in the face. Thank god for post-ironic bands who appreciate the absurdity of what they’re doing, bands like Vancouver's NEEDS.

As you can tell by their song title, “We Forgot the Records to Our Record Release Show,” they have a sense of humor about themselves, a fact which they drive home in the song’s defeated, self-questioning opening line, “What am I doing? (No, seriously, what am I doing?) I’m 36 years old (37 in a couple of months) in a hardcore band (although it’s probably more like punk).” The rest of the song is a blast of frenetic energy that can only come out of riding that fine line between frustration and despair.

Listen to the song below and question what you’ve been doing with your life and all the time and money you’ve wasted collecting records. Their self-titled debut will be out on May 12.