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Views from Where? Gucci Mane Just Released a New Tape Called 'Meal Ticket'

It's 36 songs long and features some standout tracks from his previous EP, 'Views from Zone 6.' Wink, wink.

by Kyle Kramer
Apr 29 2016, 7:39pm

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there was an album that came out today. Some guy? Drake? It's called VIEWS? He's repping "the 6"? OK.

You know who else was repping the 6? The one, the only, Mr. Zone 6, Gucci Mane. Last year he even released the ridiculous and fun project Views from Zone 6 because, hey, why not capitalize on Drake's SEO a bit while reminding people where you're from? If you were to choose to listen to Views from Zone 6 instead of VIEWS today that would be understandable. But why settle when THERE IS NEW GUCCI MANE TO LISTEN TO.

Yup, Gucci just released Meal Ticket, a new 36-track (LOL) project, featuring the likes of Makonnen, Rich the Kid, Sy Ari Da Kid, Waka Flocka Flame, and more. It also has a few of the most WTF wild tracks from Views from Zone 6 on it, including the Andy Milonakis and Chief Keef collab "Right Now" and the Reese and Fredo Santana collab "Angry." Is this the version of VIEWS you should be listening to? Probably. Check it out on iTunes or streaming on Spotify below.

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