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Noise Is Abrasive but Affirming in Dreamcrusher's New Song "Adore"

Their new record 'Hackers, All Of Them' will destroy your eardrums October 30.

by John Hill
Aug 28 2015, 5:13pm

I love Dreamcrusher. They played Silent Barn the other night, and despite the fact they play about 100 shows a week, it was one of the most intense preformances I've ever seen from one person. They let the noise hit, and due to their lighting and erratic movement, you're not sure what the fuck is going on. They might get in your face, scream indecipherably and make you also want to scream at others and fuck up the crowd. You can be a lame and just sit on the sidelines and observe, but the art necessitates participation. It necessitates you picking up Dreamcrusher like a weapon, and hitting them into others like a hammer. Because that's exactly what listening to Dreamcrusher is like.

Dreamcrusher, for those of you who slept the first time, is a noise musician currently out of Brooklyn, NY. They play noise that doesn't just go for the jarring or unpleasent, it ends up embodying every range of emotion. Take for example their new song "Adore." It's really noisy and will probably piss off your neighbors if you blast it too loud, but you can dance to it! You can fight to it, it will make you want to get up and be physical in some form. The song elicits something primal and intimate, asking you to do something more than be passive.

Listen to "Adore" below, and pre-order the new record Hackers All Of Them from Fire Talk right here.

John Hill will try to be at every Dreamcrusher show til his ears bleed. Follow him on Twitter - @JohnXHill

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