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Watch Bishop Briggs's Eerily Excellent Video for "River"

This song has already garnered 4.2 million plays on Spotify and this video definitely features a creepy person with a pillowcase on their head.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
May 9 2016, 2:30pm

Photo by George Robertson.

Bishop Briggs sure has a set of pipes on her: Husky, swaggering, sensual. To date the London-born Scot (who's lived in both Hong Kong and Japan, now settled in LA) has just two songs to her name. Debut single "Wild Horses" combined militaristic beats and booming synths to create something sassy and fresh (which was quickly snapped up by the honchos at Acura to soundtrack a massive car ad). She followed this up with "River"—a pop song seemingly birthed by witches off the Bayou, bearing handclaps like reddening thigh slaps and boasting a topline that allows Bishop to truly exercise her range. Imagine her belting out during underage trips to Japanese karaoke bars. It's must have been quite a sight. The song's already garnered 4.2 million plays on Spotify, and over a million on Soundcloud, and below is the premiere of the video.

Directed by Jungle George, she says the video's "about embracing my inner demons and setting them loose" and there's definitely a creepy horror vibe to the images. A little bit The Orphanage, a little Watcher in the Woods, a little 90s-girl-stumbled -onto-the-set-of-first-season of True Detective. The jumpcuts are unsettling and we would like more from Ms. Briggs stat.

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