Get Your 'Final Fantasy' Swords Out and Watch Twin Shadow's New Video for "I'm Ready"

For the first time in human history, 'Final Fantasy' looks kind of cool.

May 1 2015, 3:21pm

Oh buddy, happy Friday. Twin Shadow has shared his new video for "I'm Ready" (via Complex), and, well, it's something. Basically, imagine a cinematic black and white adventure that's framed like the trailer for an upcoming film that features helicopters, Hollywood, an evil old white man villain that looks like a clone of Willem Defoe, some strong body guards, cars that drive really fast, and a giant Final Fantasy-style sword that's the only piece of color in the entire clip. It's directed by Lance Drake (which is the perfect name for someone who would direct a music video like this one). Honestly? This looks like a pretty dope movie. "I'm Ready" is from Twin Shadow's record Eclipse, which you can purchase here.