Lollapalooza Will Never Stop Being Fun, Even on the Fourth Dang Day

We saw sets from D.R.A.M., Third Eye Blind, and Ellie Goulding while everyone had an extremely good time.

Aug 1 2016, 4:42pm

Photos by Petya Shalamanova

Even with the occasional summer rain and the general hell that is walking around a park with 100,000 other sweaty people for three days already, Lollapalooza headed into its final day full of excitement (and probably a few mind-altering substances). People dressed in pairs, came wearing their festival best (or most comfortable), and sometimes came wearing very little at all. Performers like D.R.A.M., Fidlar, Third Eye Blind, Mothers, Ellie Goulding, and the mysterious ZHU were there to close the weekend out in style. And Chicago photographer Petya Shalamanova was on the scene, taking it all in.



Third Eye Blind


Ellie Goulding


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