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Stream Expert Alterations’ Debut Album

The Baltimore power poppers cassette is about to get the one-sided 12-inch reissue treatment.

by Noisey Staff
May 29 2015, 2:09pm

Image: Megan Lloyd

This article originally appeared on Noisey Australia.

As you are reading this Expert Alterations are probably in the van driving from Baltimore to New York to take part in this weekend’s NYC Popfest.

But before they jumped in the Pathfinder and set the GPS to ‘Power Pop City,’ the three piece flung us their 2014 self-released cassette which Slumberland is set to release as a one-sided 12-inch and Brooklyn’s Kanine Records will be releasing as a digital EP.

The album contains “The Bell” that we premiered back in April and described as having a strong UK and NZ indie pop sound. But don’t listen to us, here’s how the band’s Patrick Teal described the album to us before he headed to NYC.

“It all started with a late night meditation on the word "mustn't." It could have been something we had eaten but that word had always left a taste in our mouths.

We found a certain creative freedom in top-buttoned, tightly constructed minimal pop music. The three of us have never jammed before. Jam is for toast.

The words are mostly nonsense except for "Three Signs" -- those ones are taken directly from a Philip K. Dick novel. He won't mind. He's dead.”

Expert Alterations’ 2014 self-released cassette will be available as a one-sided 12” through Slumberland and as a digtal EP through Kanine on June 2.

Catch Expert Alterations:
May 30 – NYC at Pop Fest at the Knitting Factory
June 6 – Washington DC at Comet Ping Pong
June 11 – Brooklyn at Alphaville

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