Elsa's "In Two" Will Make You Soft and All Googly-Eyed

Check Out The New Video From The Toronto Dream Pop Quartet

Oct 17 2013, 2:59pm

Its not just about punk rock for the members of Fucked Up. Sure the band does dates with Cro-Mags and Power Trip, and also serve in bands like Career Suicide and Ruination, but guitarist Mike Haliechuk also spearheads his own label called One Big Silence which has releases from the likes of Austra, Diamond Rings, Absolutely Free and more. One Big Silence's next venture hits on 10/22, the release by dream-pop quartet Elsa.

Elsa's I Do is the new four-track EP from this Toronto crew, touching on dream pop, shoe gaze and more along the way. The lead single is "I Do," a gorgeous reverb-heavy track that recalls the ethereal qualities of Lush and the first time you heard Smashing Pumpkins's "1979." Meaning, you could pretty much put this on repeat to infinity. Check out the video for "In Two" above and order yours via the label.<.p>