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A Very Hungover Peace Get Interviewed

Peace talk blood shakes and making friends on Chat Roulette.

by Aleks Eror
Oct 5 2012, 2:00pm

Brummie foursome Peace got together last autumn and swiftly signed to major label music pimps, Columbia, in March. In exchange for their signature, they demanded Columbia rent out a billboard in their hometown, emblazoned with their photo and a tag that read "WHAT THE FUCK BIRMHINGHAM". Dicks or the best label demand from a band ever? I met up with Peace on a sweltering Wednesday afternoon when they were VERY hungover to find out.

So what were you all up to last night considering that you're hanging now?

Harrison: We shot a video yesterday. Then we had some celebratory drinks.

Doug: We had slush puppy margaritas.

Oh yeah?

Harrison: Then two pints of Jaeger bite. Like a snakebite, but in the drink they put in the cider and beer with a shot of Jaegermeister…

Doug: They actually warned us before.

Harrison: I think it's actually illegal to sell them.

It sounds fucking disgusting. Anyway, I was wondering, do you regret picking "Peace" as a band name? It's not very Google friendly.

Doug: I always liked it, in the early stages, I like that someone had to make the effort to find us. They liked our music so much that they've put a bit of their own time and their own day to just try and find out a bit about the band, it's quite nice.

Harrison: It sounds sort of cliché and horrible but it's nice to not have to solely rely on the internet – what the fuck did people do before? You know what I mean? It's kind of cool. It's kind of liberating.

Doug: All of our fan base was brought up from live shows rather than media hype.

Dom: We'll never be hashtagged.

We all miss pre-Twitter world. So your single's called "Bloodshake" but what ingredients would go into a blood shake?

Dom: Goooooood question! I don't know, man.

Harrison: A bit of sass, a little bit of bongos.

Sam: K Cider.

Harrison: A copy of Led Zeppelin IV.

Dom: YES.

Doug: Shaken AND stirred.

Is it better to serve chilled or…?

Harrison: [whispers] HOT.

Dom: Nah, serve that shit warm.

Harrison: Actually I love room temperature, it's one of those things that makes my life interesting.

Doug: Surely different countries have different room temperatures?

Sam: There's a chemical element where it's standard definition of what state it resides in, is dependent on the country, 'cos of the difference in room temperature.

Harrison: You're smart!

Sam: It's a solid, but in some parts of the world it's considered a liquid.

Are you the brains of the band?

Sam: No.

Who's the brains of the band and who's the beauty?

Dom: I'm the beauty and potentially the brains as well, so, question! [Laughs] Any objections?

None of you want to make a claim to that?

Harrison: You've got it all.

Dom: And this [circling face]…and a banging hangover.

Speaking of which, I heard you had an altercation with a fan at a gig over a pint of cider?

Sam: Ohhh it's Nick Jarvis, slag him off some more!

Dom: I'm not slagging Nick Jarvis off any more! I've never met the guy and I got myself into a lot of trouble. He stole Harry's cider and I wasn't having it. End of.

Harrison: Dom stands up for me because I can't fight my own battles.

Sam: He's a bit of a hero.

Harrison: Dom helped me out because he stole my pint, got it back and then he stole it again, so I told on him to Doug.

Doug: And I sorted him ou...[trails off]… no I didn't really.

Are you the hard man of the band?

Doug: Of course I am!

Dom: Nah, sorry, that's back on me again.

LULZ. Moving on, now that you're with a major label and stuff, have been been hitting you up for free shit?

Sam: Surprisingly nah, nobody's really asked for anything. Friends and family want to support us, so what's the point of asking us?

Harrison: It's sort of your extended friend group that ask for stuff. I think I've probably lost friends from touring so much because we're away for so long at a time. But I kind of deleted my Facebook.

Sam: The fact that Facebook is there kind of takes the edge off of everything, the whole high school reunion thing should be a big surprise, "Hey I haven't seen you guys in ages, oh no, wait a minute, I've seen pictures of everything you've eaten for the past month online because as soon as I've accepted you as a friend you've fucking Instagram'd me".

Harrison: I'm not a massive fan of the internet, just to put that out there.

Dom: It's good to Skype though, isn't it?

Doug: I like Chat Roulette, man.

Dom: Chat Roulette is nice, yeah… find a few gems.

Harrison: You just like it for the guilt free schlong watching.

Doug: Oh no, I can't close the window! Oh no, I can't find my mouse!

Sam: I bet you have some shifty going-ons in your history.

Dom: Honestly, I've never been on Chat Roulette in my life.

Sam: You're missing out.

Doug: And it's 90% penis.

Sam: I've met some real life cool people on there…

Doug: Fuck off.

Sam: No, I swear to god, it wasn't. It wasn't me, it was my friend and people he met through it...

Harrison: Sam met cool people everyone…


Sam: I'll have you know his name is Graham and he's lovely – he's tender and he's sweet and he tells me that I mean something to him. My friends made friends with some girls that live in New York and we happened to be going to New York and he's like "shit, I know some people who live in New York, I met them on Chat Roulette". We met up with them, stayed out there for a few days and they were actually cool. They weren't old creepy men, they were real human women.

Did they not try to skin you and wear your hide?

Sam: No, they were really cool, we stayed in touch.

Don't you find there's a bit of embarrassment admitting to people that you met online?

Harrison: Greg from Master Chef met his wife on Twitter…

Ha! Have you ever used Twitter as a medium to get women?

Sam: We use it as a medium to harass them.

Harrison: I don't need to take anything seriously online. Can you? Yeah you probably can.

Sam: I think some people take them too seriously when you don't intend them to be serious.

Dom: I once got a virus message that said 'hey, this guy has been saying nasty things about you', and it's obviously to get you to click on the link, I kept repeatedly pressing the link – it wouldn't work – and I was really panicking about it. It was Ozzy Austin from Swim Deep.

I thought you meant Osbourne…

Dom: Oh, Ozzy Osbourne? Yeah, yeah, yeah, Birmingham y'know we ALL know each other.

Doug: I'm the Osborne that didn't want to be in the series.

You mean their eldest daughter?

Doug: HA! Yep.

Harrison: Sometimes you look like a chick.

Doug: Thanks, man.

Harrison: A really weird chick…

Would you ever agree to having your own reality TV show like them?

Harrison: Nooooooooo.

Sam: No. But I'd launch a fragrance, maybe.

What would you call it?

Sam: I don't know… what would I smell like?

Dom: Right now?

Sam: Right now, I smell like a toilet. Yeah… urinal puts! Those little discs you get in the urinal that you aim at, basically that.

Harrison: They can smell quite nice.

Sam: It can be called "Integrity".

Thanks, guys! Watch the brand new video for "Bloodshake" below