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Shit We Googled This Week, Mergers and Acquisitions Edition

Featuring Great White, grammar, and the neverending search for Tim Dog.

by Noisey Staff
May 10 2014, 7:09pm

Here at Noisey, we're often asked how we come to acquire so much excellent content. The answer is simple: We do Google searches. It's sort of a merger of our minds and the Internet. Sorry, we just have big deals on our brains after hearing about Dr. Dre becoming a billionaire and hearing about DJ Khaled making big deals all the time. Here's a look into what else was on our brains this week:

Kim Taylor Bennett, Style Editor

Monica Bellucci
Indiana Jones
los asesinos
Eskie Boy
Ted's Draws
Southern Hospitality
Ricky Rude
Myspace downfall LA weekly

Kim did some interviews this week while she wasn't watching Indiana Jones. It's really charming how Kim always googles stuff with proper capitalization. That's how you find the really choice Monica Belluci pics.

Dan Ozzi, Editor

add hearts to photos
dan bolen spazz hip hop
we butter the bread with butter
100 dollar bill
people's court theme song
billy boredom
ruben studdard
one live crew
pop punk tribute to metallica

Dan is really proud of this GIF he made of Kim and A$AP Ferg. So proud that he's going to listen to Ruben Studdard and think about his accomplishments in life.

Drew Millard, Features Editor

tim dog

Drew is always looking for Tim Dog and Tim Dog only.

Eric Sundermann, Managing Editor

buzzfeed what music are you
kanye west noisey
an XXL
grammar ? inside quotes outside quotes
lou reed
face you make when you see pharrell's hat
dennis hopper rules
the conversation
among vs amongst
soulja boy e-cig

Eric really loves asking questions about grammar, but he loves asking questions about how music he is even more. By the way, question marks go inside the quotes if the question is part of the quote but outside if the quote is part of a sentence that's a question.

Fred Pessaro, Editor-in-Chief

knockdown center
ritual killer
bell house
jim jones
mia knockdown center
red bull music academy
lord ezec twitter
lucifer's daughter
the quiet ones
punk rock bowling
crate head entombed
joan jett melody maker
bear mountain state park
george clarke golden gods
"We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful"
negative approach
great white
merchandise carson cox
brody dalle
chaos in tejas 2013

Have you guys seen this video of Jack Russell's Great White playing to 10 people? It's incredible, and it's also kind of inspiring how much they don't phone it in considering that this is one of the most demoralizing shows imaginable. Enjoy.

Kyle Kramer, Guest Editor

this modern love noisey
dr dre ipad
lil b abbey road
rapper app
buzzfeed what music are you
pen and pixel covers
soul ludacris
dr. dre net worth
paul mccartney net worth
andrew lloyd webber net worth
death by audio brooklyn
brandt lebowski
sirius coldplay beacon
xxl freshman 2013

Kyle saw Coldplay this week (that's his picture) and kept track of Dr. Dre's deal with Apple. He feels bad for Ludacris, whose headphone line will probably be a footnote in the history books. Also, how are there not more easily Googleable Lil B Beatles memes?


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