Line & Circle Channel Early R.E.M. in the Best Way Possible on Their New EP Stream

Stream their new EP in full.

Oct 21 2014, 2:49pm

You know who never gets enough credit? R.E.M. No, I'm not talking about the R.E.M. of 2000-whatever, I'm more interested in the early days of R.E.M., their pre-Green days. When you could still say their name in the same breath as The Replacements or Husker Du.

Line & Circle reminds me of those early records on their new three song EP, streaming in full below. Vaguely punk, with a driving baseline, clean and emotive vocals with unparalleled melodic touches. It's fun and pretty damn repeatable. Order yours.

10/21 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Living Room (Midnight set)
10/22 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall Studio (ASCAP Showcase)
10/23 - New York, NY @ Piano's (Windish Showcase)