The Good, the Bad, and the Thirsty of Diplo's Reddit AMA

It's time to learn some more information about Diplo, and also the extreme thirst that exists for Diplo.

Jul 30 2014, 5:50pm

Much is known about Diplo. He produces, DJs, writes songs, relevants, Riffs, Raffs, and sometimes even spits hot fire. Most importantly, he is one of the most renowned cocksmen in all the land. By my estimate, 48% of my twitter followers claim to have slept with Diplo, and the other 72% have either considered or attempted sleeping with Diplo. Legend has it a girl once saved the Magnum wrapper from the condom he used (legend also has it Diplo is a responsible lover) and used its healing powers to nurse an injured raver back to life. For Diplo, life is Tinder and every girl is swiping right. However, there are still unknowns about Diplo. Some say the only thing more vast than the thirst for more information about Diplo is the thirst for more information about the thirst for Diplo.

In order to quench this thirst Diplo decided to get on the website and participate in an AMA (ask me anything). Reddit users expressed themselves by asking a question and Diplo expressed himself by answering the ones he chose to answer. Let’s take a look through some of the best and worst of this discussion below.

Comments on Reddit are sorted by upvotes and downvotes. This was the most upvoted comment in the entire thread. And the thread begins, with a comment of thirst.

I believe “thot” is a nickname for a Diplo super-fan. Can we get the Noisey fact-checking department on that one just in case?

Very huge revelation, if true. This would put him around the same number of kids as Akon and Young Jeezy combined.

This question went unanswered but the answer is yes. Please reference Jazper Abellera’s Noisey articles for more information on male twerking. Diplo does not discriminate.

This is actually some useful information for those who thirst more for Diplo’s music than his body. Jack U is his project with Skrillex. Kiesza is a ginger hip hop ballerina girl.

Diplo didn’t answer this question but some other kid reminds us that Lil B’s Basedness knows no bounds.

Diplo enters in to a written, legally-binding agreement with user tropicalreddit.

Diplo pls

Diplo #420blazesit

Diplo isn’t uptight.

Classic Reddit.

Diplo reveals that Lorde tubes. She will truly never be Royals.

Diplo uses lowercase and poor grammar half to connect with a younger demo and half because he’s from Florida probably.

Even though he has her blocked on Twitter, Diplo recognizes Chippy’s power / determination / fighting abilities. The Riff question is obviously a troll and is dismissed as such.



Instagram Direct Message.

Anything can be an EDM.

Anything can be a date with me.

No and yes

Lol indeed AnalogHumanSentient.

Trap Lord in stores August 20th.


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