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Listen to Schwarz's Ultimate Vine Compilation Mix

The weirdest, most addicting mix you'll hear this week.

by Drew Millard
Aug 19 2014, 2:55pm

More than anything, the Baltimore producer Schwarz makes body music. Yes, I know that Body Music was the title of that AlunaGeorge album and that there's some weird hippie fest in San Francisco where everybody makes music with their bodies and calls it "body music," but this is "body music," as in music you don't hear as much as you feel in your bones. I'm sitting at my desk right now, listening to this mix, and have been bobbing like a fucking madman for like, ten minutes without realizing it. If that's not enough of a cosign for you, Schwarz put this mix together exclusively using club songs that sample viral Vine videos, which is a feat in and of itself.

Schwarz also recently released "Hands Up Don't Shoot," a club song featuring the chants of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. The track is especially harrowing when you realize that the samples Schwarz utilizes on the track are from the Ferguson police using LRAD and tear gas grenades.

Listen to Schwarz's Ultimate Vine Compilation mix below, and find the tracklisting below that.


1. DJ Taj- Bish Whet

2. Phoenix The Producer- Bish Whet

3. When U ask Bae If Somethings Wrong

4. Ayye It's Young T_#ZG - When_You_Ask_BAe_Something_Wrong

5. VAPORDOG- goin 2 the mall or nah ft angelfire

6. iMarkkeyz- Do It For The Vine

7. Dj Taj- Do It For The Vine

8. DJ Flamez-DO It For The Vine

9. @ThatDude809-Hey Vine ft @opxra__

10. DJ K Millz- Hit It for Me One Time

11. @cannonBeatz- Hot for Me ft @_ProGas

12. Sensay Syd- What That Booty Do?

13. @Ckid_908- Jenny Patel (Yes Mom)

14. iMarkkeyz- Rounds

15.@_MikeTP_609 #RMG- Kiss Me Thru The Phone/You Deserve A Round

16. Exquisitebeatz- Want No Thot

17. DJ K Millz- Love No Thot (YEET)

18. TellyTellz- Shovel Vine

19. FMOT@Nate_YuhNasty #LMG- Im The Daddy, Im Grown

20. little girl saying fuck you

21. @DJLEFTYMUSIC- Fuck You, Fuck Youuuu

22. DJ Steel- Fuck Vine Bitch

23. Call of Duty Get This Ni*** Mad Af!

24. DJ Dizzy & DJ C-Him- Call of Duty Get This Ni*** Mad Af!

25. Jahh'-Love Me OR NAH??-

26. my pussy pops severely and your don't


28. Divioli S'vere- Puusy Pop Ha

29. l s d x o x o- G r A t a T a

20. VAPORDOG- I did it for the vine