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Introducing Desert Sound Colony and His Video "The Way I Began"

This is an origin story with no origin.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Oct 3 2014, 3:05pm
Directed by Alex Hulsey/Somesuch & Co, cinematography Robbie Ryan, choreography Holly Blakey.
What can we tell you about Desert Sound Colony? Very little and sometimes that's just the way it should be. Is the man wearing shredded up sheets, interpretive dancing on a storm clouded beach the man behind the moniker? We think not, but who knows.

From the tiny tidbits to be gleaned, this music was composed and created well removed from the hubub of the metropolis—in the peace and quiet of the British countryside. Much like the super 16mm-shot video, "The Way I Began" glides by, at once eerie and unsettling, vocals echoing off to the unknowable horizon, yet there's a velvety surround-sound comfort here too, a pulsing beat and clatter that pulls you in and moves you forward. A hypnotic, press-repeat lullaby.

It's an intriguing debut song, the first to be lifted from Desert Colony's four track EP out on 10/13, with another four track release dropping early next year. We'll keep you posted.

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