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PREMIERE: "Corrine" by Brighton Pop Group Black Honey Will Save You From Yourself

Poptimism to a tee.

by Bryn Lovitt
Sep 18 2015, 1:41pm

I remember visiting a friend in the mental hospital. She sat in front of me with a stare so deep I knew she'd never climb out. This standalone single "Corrine" by Brighton-based DIY pop band Black Honey is exactly what I wish I could have said to her that day: "Come back to me, 'cus you live in a movie that nobody else will ever." According to Izzy B. Phillips, Black Honey's frontwoman and vocalist, the story behind the stylishly sad "Corrine" comes from a similar experience. The difference is, this song pulled Phillips' BFF (so-called Corrine) back into reality after hearing it. No kidding. Those see-the-light guitars over Phillips' crackling soprano have legit healing powers. See for yourself. The song is premiering below via the band's label Foxfire Records. Keep up with Black Honey here as they schedule tour dates and reveal the details of a forthcoming album.