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Dear God, The Space-Time Fabric, Let Alone the Club, Isn't Ready for Le1f's New Song "Rage"

Le1f's new song "Rage" isn't just going to fuck the club up—it will fuck the cosmic order up.

by Kyle Kramer
Oct 9 2015, 5:24pm

Le1f's Riot Boi album cover

Have you ever popped champagne on a spaceship? Better yet, have you ever taken the champagne bottle and smashed it across the head of Star Command, then started shooting the spaceship's laser cannons everywhere? Have you ever jumped on the couch in the spaceship's VIP room and started punching the wall because you got caught in a solar flare and it was the actual definition of lit? No? Well, here's what it sounds like. Le1f's new song "Rage" isn't just going to fuck the club up—it will fuck the cosmic order up. It's like Rae Sremmurd on space PCP.

Things start slowly enough, with some pretty, upbeat Auto-Tune crooning and lines like "I'm feeling new / I'm feeling brand new / I'm feeling groovy and I'm feeling good how are you?" and "If you stay above the clouds you'll always get a sunny day." And then, well, all hell breaks loose. Holes are just going to appear in your wall before you know what happened. The DJ booth is going to look like it just got hit by a missile. People who were just standing next to you are going to be gone because they just got sucked into an inter-dimensional wormhole and are now floating around the outer edges of the Turn-Up Nebula doing 360 windmill dunks with minor white dwarf stars.

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"Rage" is the second single, following "Koi" from Le1f's album Riot Boi, which he announced today is out November 13. Check out "Rage" and the rest of the tracklist below:

Riot Boi Track List:

1 Hi
2. Rage
3. Grace, Alek or Naomi
4. Swirl (ft. Junglepussy & House of LaDosha)
5. Koi
6. Umami/Water
7. Lisa
8. Chops
9. Cheap
10. Taxi
11. Tell (ft. DonChristian)
12. Change (ft. Devonte Hynes & Miss Geri)

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