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Get Greasy and Weird with Jerry Paper's New Single "Destroy"

Check the first single from his new album 'Carousel.'

by John Hill
Jan 23 2015, 6:16pm

A lot of times, it's hard to distinguish between what's sincere and what's performance—especially in New York City. Sometimes you can't tell whether the guy on stage is fucking with you or really wants you to dig what they're doing. But when it comes down to it, if you're enjoying what you're listening to, who the hell cares? Jerry Paper is a caricature perpetrated by Lucas Nathan who dishes out tunes that will confuse and inspire. With this new single "Destroy"—which is the first track from his upcoming album Carousel—Jerry Paper shows all the weird-ass aspects of pop music and whatever the hell a real instrument is now. Everything sounds like a wonderfully shitty cheap knockoff of a real instrument, from what sounds like bootlegged Queen piano parts mixed with a drum fill straight out of a dollar store kid's eclectronic drum set, he's able to put it all together to create a hypnotic song. "Destroy" is only one piece of the larger picture of Carousel, which is a journey through the self, the synthesizer, and the world. It shifts between every emotion from fear to ecstacy, often within the same song. At certain times in the record it's hard to distinguish between what's serious and what's facetious, but it's not hard to tell that it's a fucking jam the entire way through.

Check out the song below, and look out for Carousel when it drops March 31 on Bayonet.

The band also has shared this weirdass trailer for the record which, of course, is awesome.