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Get Lost In West Australian Sand Dunes on Luchii’s New Video

The Home Baked crew producer steps out on his own with a new tape 'Vigilante.'

by Noisey Staff
Jul 11 2016, 4:00pm

This article originally appeared on Noisey Australia.

How much weed is a snake worth? That’s a question we asked ourselves while watching Lucchi’s new video for “Where U Goin’?” In the video, the Perth MC and producer is handling a large snake which he apparently traded for weed. A python for pot seems like a pretty good deal. Filmed outside Lancelin, a small fishing town, 127 kilometres north of Perth, the video features Luchii wandering over sand dunes, sippin’ Henny, dropping lines, and yes, handling a snake.

Best known for his work making beats with the Home Baked Crew (Evanda, King Lear), on his new tape Fugitive the producer steps up with the mic and creates some smooth flows of his own.