Someone Made a Google Chrome Extension That Turns "Benghazi" into "Fugazi"

Fox News has never looked better.

by Dan Ozzi
Oct 23 2015, 10:01pm

There’s never any Fugazi news on the internet. Ian and crew are never going to play a reunion show or put out a new album, just face it already. At the same time, there is way, way too much on the internet about Benghazi. When did Hillary Clinton know about Benghazi? What does Hillary Clinton think about Benghazi? What Hillary Benghazi did Hillary Benghazi the most Benghazi in Hillary’s Benghazi? Fortunately, some fucking genius has created an extension for Google Chrome that swaps out all instances of the word “Benghazi” with the word “Fugazi.”

Just look at the wonders it works on the Google News page:

The extension is hitting the Fox News page particularly hard since the news outlet seems to have some strange, particular personal fascination with Benghazi, which we’re sure is not at all politically motivated. (Ha ha we're being sarcastic here since the garbage channel has practically replaced its Viagra commercials with a sexy woman saying “Benghazi” over and over again.)

So install the extension today and turn Google into this:

Oh and of course, this is not an official Fugazi extension.