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Brain F≠'s New Song Will Make Using Your Computer's Character Map Worth It

(It's pronounced "Brain Flannel.")

Jan 30 2014, 5:10pm

If a band is going to make you go through the trouble of getting the dreaded character map out on your computer to type their name, they better be damn good. Whether it’s Sigur Rós and that little check mark or Motörhead and those little dotty dots over the “o” (these are technical terms, by the way), if you come with weird symbols, your band better sound awesome enough to back it up. Fortunately for Brain F≠, they do.

Brain F≠ (which is pronounced “Brain Flannel” for some reason) have a new song, “Sicks,” and as the title suggests, it’s pretty sick. It sounds like every member of the band is off in their own world, doing their own thing, but somehow, amazingly, it all still comes together in just the right mix of chaos. The Charlotte band have an album out on February 11 via Grave Mistake and Sorry State Records.

And while we have the character map out, let’s see what kind of whacky things we can make:

ßØØß → LO£Ö£Ö£ÖLOL!!