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Warning: If You Try to Stagedive at an Every Time I Die Show, a Pro MMA Fighter Might Body Slam You

Watch Josh Barnett put a fan in a torture rack.

by Dan Ozzi
Dec 6 2013, 3:40pm

If you climb up on stage at a hardcore show with the intention of maybe growling a few words into the mic before jumping into the crowd, there are so many things that can go wrong. Like, so, so many. You can stagedive and no one will catch you and you’ll land right on your neck/head/face/back/ass. A bouncer can grab you before you get a chance to do anything cool and bearhug you off stage. Or worst of all, the song can end right while you’re getting ready to jump and you’ll look like a total doofus standing up there.

But one thing you probably wouldn’t anticipate is professional MMA fighter Josh Barnett putting you in a torture rack, stomping across the stage with you on his shoulders, and then tossing you like a sack of potatoes into the crowd. But that’s exactly what happened to some poor bastard at a recent Every Time I Die show. Check it out above. Oh, also, sweet Bolt Thrower shirt, Josh (please do not snap us in half).

This, by the way, was not the first time Josh has done this.

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