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Hear Extreme Metal Band Primordial Pay Tribute to Irish Folk Music

Things get religious.

by Noisey Staff
Mar 11 2014, 4:01pm

One and All, Together, For One is a really interesting project where artists throughout Europe pay musical homage to their national heritages. For their contribution, Irish metal band Primordial interpreted "Dark Horse on the Wind", a track originally written by the late Irish-born Ballyfermot musician Liam Weldon in 1966. The result is the really deep, borderline religious experience you can hear below. Check it out and pick up the album right here. It features the following bands:

Drudkh (Ukraine)
Ava Inferi (Portugal)
Primordial (Ireland)

KAMPFAR official (Norway)
Winterfylleth (England)
Häive (Finland)
Mondvolland (Netherlands)