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Listen To "Onshore," LA Font's New Single

This loopy garage-rock four-piece just blessed California, and the rest of us, with the first track off their new record 'Diving Man.'

Jan 24 2013, 11:50pm

We love LA Font. If you don't know them, you should reconsider a few things about your life, like whether or not you're cool. LA Font is a garage rock band from California, and all the hack music journos keep saying that they sound like they're from the 90s, because they sort of sound like they're from the 90s. But you know what else? They sound fucking good. OK?

So when they sent us a track off their upcoming record, Diving Man, we were on it like white on loose leaf paper. It's called "Onshore," and it's at least partially about being friends with Leonardo DiCaprio. Here it is, in all its rollicking, sandy-toed glory:

They're playing a few shows in LA in the next few weeks, but we're freezing our ass cheeks off in New York and we don't trust people who don't have seasons so we're not posting them. Just joking, you LA kids are OK.

LA Font's Upcoming LA Shows

Jan 30 @ The Satellite
Feb 9 @ The Echo Country Outpost