These Major VS Minor Key Versions of Popular Songs Are Amazing

They make R.E.M sound like The Smiths and Red Hot Chili Peppers sound like Weezer.

Nov 14 2013, 7:56pm

One of the best parts of music, other than y’know, listening to incredible compositions that have the ability to make you reconsider your current emotional palette, is listening to artists cover other artists songs that also have the ability to make you reconsider your current emotional palette. It’s like having two versions of your favourite thing in the world for free.

Cover songs can be incredible. Jeff Buckley’s covers of Dylan, Lil Wayne spitting over Marvin Gaye, and Kurt Cobain’s rendition of Leadbelly’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” all twist the foundation of the song into something entirely new. Even Arctic Monkeys’ “Love Machine” is kinda impressive.

But, because I’m super greedy, I want more. Which is why I’m glad that I’ve found Major VS Minor reworking of songs that switch the key from minor to major, and vice versa. They make all my favourite artists sound like all my other favourite artists. Take a listen:

R.E.M.: “Losing My Religion”

I don’t care what anyone says about Michael Stipe, REM are one of the best bands to have ever released music that sounds better the older you get. “Losing My Religion” which has been switched into a major key, somehow manages to sound even more sad. It’s happy on the outset, but it’s akin to putting on a brave face while cascades of sadness pour out underneath. It also sounds slightly like The Smiths.

No Doubt: “Don’t Speak”

Gwen Stefani is incredible. Despite being a guy, I’m incredibly jealous of her, like HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO LOOK FLAWLESS EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY? This reworking of “Don’t Speak”, which is a song that normally reminds me of bubble baths, sounds sort of like White Album era Beatles if John Lennon was a pig-tailed girl in a crop-top rather than a blissed out deity.

Nirvana: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Someone please rename this “Song 1”.

The Village People: “YMCA”

It’s fun to stay in the USSR !

The Red Hot Chili Peppers: “Californication”

Weezer’s second record, Pinkerton, took everything good about the Blue Album and doused it in a round of voyeuristic angst coupled with pop sheen that managed to sound both heartfelt and distant. It’s the second best thing they’ve ever done (FIGHT ME!) and this re-working of Red Hot Chili Peppers “Californication” wouldn’t be too far out of place on their recent extended reissue.

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