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Travel to the Wilds of Who Knows Where in Xu Xu Fang's Video for "Friend to the Unknown"

Let's blow this popsicle stand.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Oct 3 2014, 6:00pm

The last video from LA-based band Xu Xu Fang starred Luke Grimes from True Blood, but this little short is essentially the best advertisement for signing up for that first spaceship outta here. Why not take up residency on Mars or another awesome planet where every curve in the new world is awe-inspiring and unexplored.

Reuben Wu of Ladytron concieved and directed this interstellar trip and had this to say about the video's genesis: “When I heard "Friend to the Unknown" for the first time, I immediately saw an opportunity to tell a story of sublime moments, vast landscapes and immense forces of nature. In addition, it was important that it echoed the sonic geography of this dark and dreamy song.

"In my visual work I attempt to address notions of time, place, and the human narrative often using unfamiliar juxtapositions between the natural and the artificial, and I'm very excited to be able to translate these ideas into a motion picture.”

Mission accomplished. Sonically "Friend to the Unknown" is a sublime slow build—feathery, sun-flared vocals over parsed back, delicate instrumentation layer and layer to a psychedelic explosion, full of My Bloody Valentine-worthy swells.

Xu Xu Fang Tour Dates

10.17 - The Satellite -- Los Angeles, CA

10.18 - San Francisco, CA - Hotel Utah