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Watch Madlib Create a Beat, From Scratch, in The Matrix. Sort Of.

No Keanu Reeves though. You're welcome.

Apr 9 2014, 4:12pm

What the hell goes into making a hip hop beat aside the most important part, a spark of creativity? Have you ever wanted to watch a legendary producer make a beat from scratch? We asked the beat conductor Madlib to hop on the tables, drums, and keys to create a beat right in front of our eyes, and captured it all in the video above.

Shot entirely with ten of Sony's Music Video Recorders running simultaneously, the video was made possible thanks to our collaboration with Hennessy Artistry at our private studio session at FEVER in Daitabashi. Look out for Part 2, coming soon.

Did you miss our cover story on Madlib and Freddie Gibbs? Hurry up and check out Cocaine Cowboys now before anyone else finds out. We have outtakes from their photo shoot too.

Freddie Gibbs also appeared on Live From The Streets.

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