FIDLAR enlist an appropriately awk appearance from Kate Nash.

Oct 16 2012, 9:42am

Remember Kate Nash? A couple years back she irritated my ears with that song about lemons that were "bittaaaaah". Then after five minutes of mockney indie princess fame she kinda fell off the radar trying to reinvent herself, before returning as a full blown riot grrrl, which kinda sucked. By "kinda" I mean sucked A LOT. But she’s back guesting on this track with FIDLAR's pretty good.

FIDLAR have already had the "getting shitfaced" anthem with previous cut “Cheap Beer”, so this track works as the next day counterpart. It’s the sort of thing that normally plays on loop through my head the morning after when I’m left the next day thinking – "WTF. Why did I SAY that?" – and then I go and bury myself in a duvet den of misery and self-doubt. Awkward. But, fuck it dog, life’s a risk.