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Tt The Artist and DDm's "Elevator" Is a Masterclass in Bmore Booty Bass

"All you bitches Pop-Tarts…"

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Oct 2 2014, 2:45pm

Photo by Tamia McCaly.

"Get off my elevator/Bitch don't push my buttons."

Oooooh shit! Our favorite Baltimore badasses—Tt The Artist and DDm—have jumped on a track together, with Mighty Mark on production (who else!), and they're intent on serving up the weekend one day early. Noisey first hooked up with DDm earlier this year when we went to party at divey Bmore club The Crown. Along with Abdu Ali, he gave us a glimpse into the scene, which was tantalizing enough so that six months later we rolled back down to immerse ourselves more fully in the city's surprisingly diverse music network. That's when we went to Mighty Mark's home studio and met Tt The Artist. Essentially Noisey's love affair with Bmore is ongoing, which brings us back to TT's latest offering, "Elevator."

It kicks off with barely a heatbeat's worth of ominous rumbling before the big beat booty-shaker slams straight in, no lube, and yes, it feels just fine. Meanwhile DDm and Tt sound simultaneously sassy and slightly menacing. Also look at them. If you saw these kids in the playground you'd pretty much do anything to be part of their gang.

The best bit comes at 3.28 when the pace ratchets up a notch, Tt gets cut and paste tasty, and a Slinky slips in on the mix. OK, it's probably a xylophone, but if a Slinky made noise and a Slinky wanted to party, it would totally sound like this.

"Elevator" is your basic triumvirate of Bmore awesome, and on the flipside there's also a couple of sick remixes from their neighborly music-makers Thunderbird Juiceboxx and Normaling. Just a little taster of Tt ahead of her forthcoming EP, Art Royalty, out later this month.

Kim is totally using the cuss "All you bitches Pop-Tarts" in her next slanging match. Follow Kim Taylor Bennett on Twitter.

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