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PREMIERE: Take a Joyride with Ralph for Her Debut Video “Trouble”

Watch the Toronto artist turn Britney Spears ‘Crossroads’ into a game of cops 'n' robbers for her new video.

by Aaron Morris
Jun 12 2015, 11:23am

Photo By Gemma Warren

With the wind in your hair and your best friends in tow, barreling down a highway on a warm summer’s night is the stuff dreams are made of. Unless of course you’re on the run for murdering your ex-lover, then it’s just a nightmare. Fortunately for us, Toronto artist Ralph keeps the getaway illusion alive and well in her new video for “Trouble.” Set to appear on her upcoming EP, the video for “Trouble” follows Ralph as she evades the authorities for a crime she most definitely committed. Directed by Kit Knows, the video opens with Ralph stealing the car of her former flame, and then heading out onto the open road to lead a life of crime. Amidst the bloodshed and theft, the video for “Trouble” also exudes a great amount of joy and freedom as well. Even though we’re made aware of her dark deeds from the beginning, you can’t help but root for Ralph as she pursues her own personal nirvana.

“I kept imagining this crew of bad-girls in a red convertible, getting caught up in the thrill of danger,” says the 27-year-old Torontonian. “I talked to my director (and brother), Kit Knows, and we started playing with the imagery and themes of classic outlaw road movies—sunsets, money, empty highways, danger in the air. It sort of all came together from there.” Seductive, cautionary and sweet, Ralph’s video for “Trouble” successfully meshes the likes of Thelma & Louise with the more contemporary Identity Thief. Before the video’s premiere, we spoke with Ralph about life before music and how she was able to draw inspiration from Britney Spears’ Crossroads.

Noisey: When did you decide that you wanted to be a musician?
When I realized I would never make it as a graffiti artist. But seriously, I think for me it all comes down to feelings. When I hear fucking great music, I feel it in my brain and body. It buzzes and makes me feel electric. I remember seeing a beautiful Feist show about five years ago. She was dancing around in this fringe jacket and the audience was standing on their seats, shimmying and singing. I want to make music like that, songs that electrify.

What inspired the song “Trouble?”
I watched Crossroads and Bonnie and Clyde within the same week and then had a weird dream about Britney Spears and Faye Dunaway in a car, eating chips and running from the police because they had killed the man they loved. When my producer Johnny sent me the instrumental track for “Trouble,” the lyrics just came naturally. Although I've never actually killed any of the men who have done me wrong, I can definitely relate to feeling that fire behind your eyes.

If you find yourself in a tough spot, who can you count on to help you out?
There's this amazing woman who owns the convenience store by my parents house, and she's given me free sour keys for like 15 years and always tells me I look "beautiful and young". I think we have a really strong bond.

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