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Here's Oberhofer's Lovely Lonely Pop Song "Alone Man"

This is what happens when an artist locks himself away in a remote, haunted cabin for a couple of weeks…

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Mar 25 2016, 2:35pm

Oberhofer shot by Olympia Mendoza

There's an element (or many elements) of "Alone Man" that sound like a lost gem from 1960-something, discovered in your uncle's attic. You know, the uncle that used to be a football star in high school but dropped out after taking too much acid and falling in love with the daughter of a cult leader and moving to a commune in Boise. It's the jangley guitars, the effects on Brad Oberhofer's voice, the delightful quiver-quaver of his delivery, and the sprightly bounce of this melody—they all smack of days gone by. But in the most fabulous way.

This is not lifted from his latest LP Chronovision (out now on Glassnote), rather, this is part of a suite of songs recorded in relative isolation.

"I had no place to live and banished myself to a small cabin in the woods in Upstate New York to be alone with all of my instruments in the dead of winter," explains Oberhofer. "I'm pretty positive the place was haunted. Things in the house would move and sometimes the phone would ring with no one on the line. I couldn't fall asleep while it was dark, so I began sleeping in brief shifts during the day. I gradually lost all distinction between morning and night. I eventually called a friend to come stay with me. I recorded a song every day in the two week period I was there. This is one of those."

Loneliness (and feeling faintly haunted) never sounded so buoyant.

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