PREMIERE: Listen to Mick Barr's Score for David Hall's Film 'Mother Satan, Don't Turn Out The Light'

Watch Barr perform his original score to two surreal new films from Handshake, Inc. founder David Hall at the Made in New York Center by IFP on May 7.

Apr 29 2015, 6:33pm

Both Mick Barr's and David Hall's names should be pretty familiar to the media-consuming metalhead by now. Barr is best known for the dizzying instrumental prowess he displays in Krallice, Orthrelm, and a dozen other projects. Hall, the proprieter of London, Ontario's Handshake, Inc. is an independent filmmaker and label boss who's been behind celebrated documentaries, music videos, and concert films like Disgorge, Mexico The Movie, three consecutive years of Maryland Deathfest: The Movie, Decibel Magazine’s 100th Show: The Movie, When the Screams Come: Pentagram Live, and Rwake: A Stone, A Leaf, An Unfound Door, as well as upcoming projects with Venom, Melvins and Philip H. Anselmo. He's also released a ton of killer music via his label (dig in right here). The two have crossed paths before, but Hall's most recent endeavor marks their first outright collaboration.

David Hall's newest project is a pair of films (the aforementioned Mother Satan, Don’t Turn Out The Light and The Puberty Of Big John Christ) and he's bringing them to Brooklyn. Mick Barr will be on hand at the opening party on May 7 to perform the score he wrote for both at the Made in New York Center by IFP. The screening and performance will take place as a part of the ongoing Examining Darkness echibition, and will see Hall's visuals brought to life via the gallery's massive 360 degree projector and screen setup.

For now, you can listen to Barr's original score for Mother Satan, Don’t Turn Out The Light right here:

The exhibit will remain in place through May 29, and also include works from Alex Schaefer, Polynoid, and Susi Sie. More information is available here.