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PREMIERE: ShowYouSuck "All Pizza Everything"

The Chicago rapper offers up a slice of life.

by Zach Moldof
Jun 28 2015, 1:53pm

Photo by Virgil Solis

Showyousuck is a Chicago rapper churning out a steady stream of releases with pizza-themed titles. While some might get hung up on the endless pizza puns, Show doesn’t cut corners or settle for cheap novelty. There's a certain working class sustenance that he delivers. Over a Mike Jaxx beat, loose track "All Pizza Everything" summarizes his approach to life and music (before he delves into his next project, One Man Pizza Party 5). It's a loose-knit tapestry of raps illustrating Show’s world of hanging with good friends and girls, talking shit, and eating pizza and wings. Faintly connected signifiers float about in dense clusters of rhythmic articulation creating a post-modern summation of contemporary culture as Show knows it. The impressionist milieu is punctuated by graphic depictions of Show's unique life. It lacks opulence and gaudiness, but Show offers a different kind of aspiration, one that values couch time with good friends as highly as Bentleys, yachts, and Balmain jeans.

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