Some French Kid Has Made a Kanye West and Queens of the Stone Age Mash Up Album

It's called 'Kanye of the Stone Age,' and, yeah, it kinda bangs actually.

Dec 8 2015, 12:37pm

Wow. What a day for Kanye West news. First he and Kim named their new baby Saint West, then his entire Oxford University lecture appeared online, and now some French kid with fierce mash up skills has mixed all his classics with Queens of the Stone Age bangers, and uploaded it to Bandcamp. The optimist in me wants to believe that the birth of Saint West has provoked a global outpouring of wonderful Kanye content. But the cynic in me maybe thinks everyone is just capitalizing on the news flow, huh? Who cares though: good Kanye shit is good Kanye shit. And this mash up album is rather good.

Let's get the elephant out of the room: most "mash ups" usually contain more liquid poop than the dark lake outside the Coachella port-a-potty. Often the result of a dweeb downloading some acapellas and instrumentals illegally, laying them over each other on a cracked music software, and then posting them on Reddit to the applause of the internet.

But hold up, because there's something outrageously listenable about this one. I mean, imagine Kanye rolling up on stage with QOTSA as his backing band, smashing through a collision of “Black Skinhead” and “Do It Again” from Songs for the Deaf, screaming in Josh Homme’s face as he goes. That's the aural vision this young French producer, Totom, has conjured with his free download album: Kanye of the Stone Age. "No One Knows" is forcefully blended with "Power" and "Runaway in the Fade" is a highlight.

Listen to the full album below, and find out ways to download it on Totom's Bandcamp page. And if you enjoyed this, you'll probably dig that time someone synced Notorious BIG's "Hypnotize" with the TV show Dinosaurs.