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Premiere: Marie Davidson - "Balade Aux USA" (Official Video)

This is a chilling, fear-boner inducing clip, but in a good way.

by Noisey Staff
Jan 21 2015, 6:53pm

Marie Davidson hails from Montreal, which is in Canada, which is cold. This is her music video for "Balada Aux USA," which mines VHS and Public Access TV aesthetics to create a chilling, fear-boner inducing clip that meshes perfectly with her French and English sung-spoken vocals which, if we were being lazy, we would compare to a synthed-out Serge Gainsbourg. But we are not lazy, we are Noisey. Just kidding, we are lazy. The point is Marie Davidson is dope and her album Un Autre Voyage comes out on April 14th on Holodeck Records and you should pre-order it.

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