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PREMIERE: Aww "She'it," Stream the New Crossword Song Produced by Sango

The Toronto rapper drops two tracks, including a Sango-produced banger.

by Phil Witmer
Sep 9 2015, 1:15pm

Photo courtesy Muddy Paw PR

Coming off this Spring’s debut full-length XW, Toronto rapper Crossword keeps things going with his new two-part single. “She’it,” produced by LandOfEph and Soulection’s Sángo, is a spacy banger with a fun, yell-along hook and the kind of deep, densely arranged production that’s a trademark of the Soulection collective. “Loonies” is the B-side and is similar in sonic profile but more lyrically weighty as Crossword tackles depression, the artist's constant grind, and how modern North American society can make someone call the devil their saint. Both songs express the many thoughts and concerns that come with abandoning everything to go on the often-fruitless pursuit of music stardom.

"'She'it' came about when I went on a road trip, linked up with the homie Sángo out in Michigan, and we banged the song out in one session—production, vocals, everything from scratch," Crossword explained. "After quitting my job, I turned to music full time—a pressure cooker situation that sometimes gets the best of me. That's the inspiration behind the first verse in "Loonies." The second verse is a pointed social commentary on the current state of affairs here in North America and both verses are tied in by the fact all of those thoughts can drive you "Loonie."

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