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Get Enchanted By Scout Paré-Phillips and Her Video for "Heed The Call"

This elusive Bmore chanteuse, formerly of American Gothic balladeers The Sterling Sisters, goes solo in spectacular style.

by Zachary Lipez
Feb 3 2015, 4:54pm

Elusive chanteuse Scout Paré-Phillips, formerly of Baltimore and American Gothic balladeers The Sterling Sisters is ready to premiere her debut solo album. Heed The Call (out on Noisey perennial favorites Dais Records on Feb 24th, order yours) is ten showpieces of high spirited storytelling and plaintive longing, like Odetta fronting Current 93. Paré-Phillips is a folksinger of the Pirate Jenny variety and it’s not belaboring the point to say that one can easily visualize Heed The Call as one of the albums scattered by the fireplace on the cover of Bringing It All Back Home. It of course doesn’t hurt that her backing band is Emil Bognar-Nasdor of two of the best NYC bands in recent memory; Dawn of Humans and Røsenkopf.

In her premier video for Heed The Call’s title track, Scout stands dressed in white and the room, the curtains, the amps, the guitar are all white. There’s a hanging lamp and the singer’s black hair and that’s it; an austere setting for a stripped down ode to outsized love. Check out the video and the track list for Heed The Call and be sure to buy the record for your most beloved when it come out.


Heed The Call tracklist
1. Coldest Blue
2. Heed the Call
3. I Won’t Be Long
4. All I Wanted
5. Mighty Wind
6. Let Me Go
7. The Last Time
8. The Flood
9. Astronomy
10. Waiting for You

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