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Chrome Sparks' Remix of Chela's "Handful of Gold" Is 'Reading Rainbow' Gone Italo Disco


by Kim Taylor Bennett
Jan 23 2015, 2:30pm

Our long-standing love affair with Chela continues into 2015 thanks to Chrome Sparks' brilliant remix of "Handful of Gold." Do you remember the synths from the theme tune of Reading Rainbow? Well there's a hint of that psych-whimsy in the opening bars of this rework. They build to the 49 second mark when there's a mini drop thanks to some submarine sonar bleeps and Italo disco-esque synth stabs. While the original "Handful of Gold" is characterized by Chela's irrepressible bounce and a lowkey 80s bop, Chrome Sparks strips it back and slows it all down and the result is on point. Chela linking arms with Chrome Sparks is the perfect partnership.

This Brooklyn-based electronicist definitely has a back catalogue worth exploring when you've got a minute, not only for his deft remixes of artists like Erik Hassle and Miniature Tigers, but also for his atmospherically awesome originals like "The Meaning of Love" (which we premiered last year) and "Marijuana" (#420Music)—the song that originally put him on the radar.

Also, in case you missed it, we premiered Chela's video for the original "Handful of Gold." It's a late night dance party in a taco shop. Watch.

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